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organized in iowa than ron paul making him a serious threat to win the texas republican is peaking at the right time with a week to go he has a one point lead over mitt romney in an average of polls trailing behind him and newt gingrich falling and rick perry, michelle bachmann, john hunts man round out the field candidates are launching a flurry of last minute ads and touring the state by bus. the winner of the last iowa caucus calls it a toss up. >> i would probably say that mitt romney will end up winning it today, now i think gain, ron paul because of his organization, could and that is where mitt is really at a disadvantage he doesn't have the devotion, if the weather is good, mitt romney is in better shape if the weather is bad and it is real tough to get out ron paul will win. >> some might say the contest is anyone's to win or lose, winning can help boost momentum and create buzz for a candidate but iowa caucuses are no guarantee for becoming the republican nominee. mike huckabee the last winner failed to get the nomination. >> all right so true. >> thank you. >>> meanwhile
as airmen for this -- investigating 15 texas airmen for this photo they were seen posing with an open casket one that looks like a metal transfer cassette used to transfer men home. below is the quote, sucks to be you. rob whitman says it is not acceptable. >>> it is appalling, it is dispointing, unacceptable we owe it to our fallen to make sure, we show them the proper honor, respect and dignity. >>> the photo surfaces at a time when the airforce is already dealing with sloppy handling of remains of war dead at dover. >>> taxi war in dc about to get more heated. >>> still ahead, how much money is on the table for casey anthony to break her silence. >> christmas vandals caught on camera in virginia armed with baseball bats destroying property we will hear from the homeowner coming up next pgh >>> >> a live lookout side latest weather and traffic, coming up from tony and julie. next at 7:12 a.m.  >>> checking headlines this morning a close call for miners in northern idaho after a rock burst caused a dangerous collapse under ground. seven miners were trapped but all pulled to sa
from here to picking a nominee. >> reporter: texas governor rick perry trying to claw his way back into contention with attack ads. >> asking a congressman to fix washington. >> reporter: and michele bachmann's campaign losing another key staffer, her political director now gone after her iowa chairman jumped ship to support ron paul. mitt romney campaigns today with new jersey governor chris christiewhom conservatives urged to join the race before christie endorsed romney. in washington, nicole collins, fox news. >> virginia voters will only see two names on the republican primarily ballot, mitt romney and ron paul, only two who qualified after collecting the 10,000 signatures. newt gingrich gathered 10,000 signatures but some thrown out because reportedly gathered fraudulently. saying he is acting independently of the gingrich campaign. >>> rick perry's first effort to get his name on the virginia primary ballot failed. a federal judge denied his request for an emergency order requiring the state's board of elections to place him on the ballot. instead the judge set a hearing for
's governor perry of texas or herman cain or michele bachmann. each have emerged to take on romney. gingrich in the final month before the iowa caucus which is january 3rd, gingrich appears to be in pretty good shape but who knows because it's become completely unpredictable. from a congressional washington perspective, it's interesting because he is a former speaker of the house. a lot of people that we called back in 1990s, he was a pretty controversial figure. so we'll see. >> we are out of town. i was going to ask you one question covering the hill. have you ever seen as crazy as what we are seeing right now? >> never seen it that keeps us on roll. >> yes. >>> allegation of an attack on a hotel maid cost him his job. but now new questions about whether this was set up. up. >>> how are you dog, it's specialist nolan from afghanistan. i want to say hello to my family in washington t c. hope you have happy holidays.  >>> headlines today, we begin overseas in india where a hospital fire has killed 70 patients, more than 70. a medical staff accused of abandoning them as the building bu
conditions sparking thousands of wild fires in texas the most devastating blaze in state history, destroyed over 30,000-acres. >> oh, no,. >> reporter: and a deadly year for tornadoes, dangerous twisters ripping across the south back in april reducing thousands of homes to rubble, killing more than 300 people across seven states in alabama alone, more than 200 people were killed. >> oh,. >> reporter: then in may a powerful ef-5 tornado touching down in joplin missouri completely destroying a small town killing 150 people. in august, hurricane irene, slammed states all along the east coast. the storm destroying homes, flooding roads and knocking down power lines. irene also creating a messy situation in maryland. check out ocean city and this reporter completely covered in foam. in vermont a dam is compromised causing hundreds to leave their homes. insult added to injury for arizona as a giant dust storm and record breaking temperatures, swept across parts of the state in august, temperatures reaching a sizzling 117 degrees. filthy clouds of fog known as a haboob leaving resident's lungs fil
between canada and texas if this issue regarding the payroll tax doesn't get resolved democrats say they won't pass a new spending bill needed to prevent a government shut down. government runs out of money friday at midnight if nothing is done. >>> iowa caucuses are now less than 3 weeks away former house speaker newt gingrich appears to be in a commanding lead according to the newest gallup poll. they lead president obama in 12 potentially decisive swing states. romney is trying to define gingrich as an unworthy member. >>> tomorrow, 9:00 p.m. on fox news you can see the republican debate, from iowa, and this morning the moderator and anchor of special reports, fred bare joins us from sioux city thanks for being with us. >> good morning. >> good morning. newt gingrich the man to beat, concerns, they remain what some call his lack of discipline, what does he have to do to show otherwise and how do you thing the other candidates might try to capitalize on that perception >> i think this will be a big moment for the race we have seen each of these debates have an impact on this race
a public policy poll shows the texas congressman leading romney by 4 points he does not have iowa locked down a new cnn survey has romney leading paul by 3 showing rick santorum emerging as a dark horse, surpassing gingrich. >>> just the electorate in iowas run through every possible alternative to romney until they got to rick santorum at the end he is benefiting from being the last one to get the second look. >> a major embarrassment for michelle bachmann some have called for her to leave the race to free up support for other candidates her chairman defected to ron paul. >> i do not believe the ron paul campaign is in trouble i believe we have an opportunity here and believe i did the right thing. >> reporter: bachmann said he resigned after being offered a large sum of money by the paul campaign the campaign chairman denies the accusation saying it amounts to slander. nicole collins fox news. >> newt gingrich is lashing out saying fraud is the reason he is not on the gop presidential primary ballot. 1500 signatures were voided after being fraudulently collected by a paid campaign work
crossing between the u.s. and mexico, it would be in a remote part of west texas, would be opening up in big bend national park by springtime allowing people from a tiny mexican town to scan identity documents, talk to a customs officer at another location 100 miles away right now they must travel 240 miles to get to the nearest entry point customs and border patrol would have 8 agents living in the park 23 rangers the terrain is so rough even if someone did sneak across, agents could get to them before they could get away. >>> lowes home improvement stores pulled ads from a reality tv show they stopped advertising on wall american muslim after the florida family association complained that program was propaganda, that hides islam's quote clear and present danger to american liberties and values, one california state senator is considering a boycott if the company doesn't reverse its decision. >> gwen has an updated weather forecast coming up after the break. >> it is the season for shoplifting we will run down the list of items most targeted by sticky fingers. >> adorable fox hounds
in that case. >>> hunters may be to blame for shooting two middle school students in south texas. one boy is in critical condition, the other in stable condition awaiting x rays shots may have come from hunters on adjacent farm property three hunters were taken in for questioning but no immediate arrests. >>> january 12th marks the three year anniversary of a devastating earthquake that marks haiti. >> foxes aiynsley ear hart has more. >> reporter: some notable names on hand in haiti lending efforts to make the impoverished country a better place. kim kardashian, minister lewis fair can, celebrity shift ron duprat and oprah winfrey to name a few. she plans to highlight the country on a new show airing on her network. >> i have a new show on my network and this is a part of my next chapter, going around the world, seeing interesting, fascinating and in this case, very profound example of what can be done to make a difference in the world. >> actor sean penn has been a main stay in haiti. oprah's visit is significant. >> i think everybody that spends time in haiti knows how important it is,
christmas decorations in the front of a methodist church in texas. the display cost $100,000 a week. the three outdoor projectors cost quarter of a million dollars each. all of the equipment was loaned to the church by a church member. >> they're just going to have to pay for the power bill. >> i guess so. it is spectacular. >> that is neat. >>> we're going to check in with tucker for your full forecast coming up next. >>> and tony also standing by live at the brentwood giant northeast for this year's stuff a truck. coming up next a popular gospel group is going to join us live. >> you can make a donation by calling our phone bank. the number is on your screen now, 202-895-3307. >>> as we take you to break, holiday wishes from a local servicemember. >> season's greetings, i am carl mark delong from korea. i would like to wish my father, my family and all my friends in virginia a very special merry christmas and happy new year. i miss you all, i look forward to seeing you soon. when a sore throat strikes, the pain can leave you feeling dreadful. and all you want is for it to go away.
to texas. that is a nonstarter for democrats. >> we already know this bill is dead. we need to begin real negotiations how to prevent thousand dollar tax hike on american families. >>> the white house is afraid they will be left holding the bag unless the payroll tax cut deal and government funding measure is passed in one big deal. >>> through past experience we cannot take promises by republicans they will get that payroll tax cut extended for 160 million americans at some point, at face value. >> reporter: the christmas holiday is a big part of this members of congress want to head home for the holidays the president wants to go to hawaii saturday. in washington doug luzader, fox news. >>> on the hill congress will try again to force itself to reign in its spending habits the senate is set to vote on two amendments, spending would not exceed revenues in one fiscal year they want to prevent social security from being used to balance the budget. >>> a congress is raising red flags california representative sent a letter to interior secretary saying demonstrators are ruining the park. las
paul saying he wouldn't vote for the texas congressman if he were the party's nominee. >> i think the choice of ron paul or barack obama would be a very bad choice. >>> ron paul spokesman said if dr. paul will have to soldier on without newt's vote so be it he called the attack a childish out burst and said he is a devie sieve big government liberal who is unelectable. gingrich who failed to qualify for the ballot in virginia was smacked by romney. >> more like lucille ball at the chocolate factory. you got to get it organized. >>> gingrich is not the only one complaining rick perry pulling fourth in iowa did not qualify for the virginia primary ballot not only do you have to collect 10,000 signatures, 400 must come from each of the 11 congressional districts and all must be collected by someone who is a resident in the state perry is now suing the common wealth saying voters rights are being limited. sarah and steve. >> thank you. more political news, ben nelson announced he will not run for rere-election in 2012. casey speakle with a closer look. >> reporter: encouraging news fo
state of new mexico, 21 degrees in albuquerque right now. there's texas right next to it, dallas 31 degrees, los angeles is at 52. here's your satellite and radar for the nation. things pretty quiet today, i have to say not a whole lot going on, particularly in the eastern u.s. five-day forecast, high today only about 46 degrees, rather breezy but sunny. tomorrow not a bad day, 49 degrees, that's our average high, sunshine. and then cool to cold over the weekend, highs in the low and mid-40s, overnight lows in the 20s this weekend. so get ready for that. that's the latest on the weather. more coming up later. >> my goodness. it's here. >> yes, it is. >> tony, thank you. >>> checking in with julie to find out what's happening on the roads, hey, julie. reporter: hey, guys. we started off really busy this morning. unfortunately not much has changed. let's get to it. in the greenbelt this is accident number three for this morning's drive. this is on the outer loop on the baltimore/washington parkway, two left lanes getting by as you travel southbound 95 coming out of college park in gr
a grant, so we've been able to added more staff, another person in texas. we'll shall launching a campaign after christmas, we're asking 50 local companies to donate $5,000 in 2012, to continue our mission without reservation we can say yes to every request. if there's any company that would like to donate $5,000, we'd love to speak with them. otherwise, any dollar, any change on your dresser, truly every dollar we get will help us fund our mission. >> got to be great. do follow up with the service members? >> we do. we send holiday cards. more than that, we send videos out to the families, so we get testimonials back. we had a surprise reunion last night in an airport, so we were able to film that. we follow up throughout the year, birthdays, holidays. we get thank you cards all the time. >> very sweet. >> our families are our families. >> what did you bring? >> kind of made a home made ornament. these are families we've flown this year and families that have requested to fly home for the holidays again. we hope your viewers will help us with our mission. this is our no soldier spends chr
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